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Say No to International Women’s Day

This year I refused to get caught up in the International Women’s Day ‘movement’.  What’s the point I thought.  Where is the substance to this day.  Speeches, photo ops and some wining and dining, then ……..back to normal, or is … Continue reading

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Nigeria: A Country Maligned, A People Demeaned.

As we approach the New Year, a new message for international development professionals, ‘HUMILITY’  It is sad the constant barrage of negative reporting by the main stream media, of Nigeria and Nigerians.  It is particularly important to address the situation, … Continue reading

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White Power: Racism in UK Aid to Africa

  This is the 2nd part of my article on the danger of Western international development agenda to Africa.    I frequently wonder why, as a British person of Yoruba origin, living & working in the UK, people from the African … Continue reading

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A Star is Born – (Update Put Up or Shut Up)

I took the plunge with the launch of Truly Me, a new monthly, facilitated networking and fair for women.  How did it go?  What have I learnt?  Find out at my new dedicated site for this, not- for- profit, support … Continue reading

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Put Up or Shut Up

If you read my post: What has  been your experience of networking?  You’ll have noted I made it clear my experiences, have been less than great.  Of course, this is just my personal reflection but speaking recently, it occurred to … Continue reading

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