The Temptation to Cheat


“Business ethics is the interdisciplinary study of ethical issues and opportunities in business”. The importance of theory and practice in business ethics”.

Although the financial crises of 2008 was blamed mainly on the Lehman Brothers bank loans, to those that could ill afford it, with hindsight it is claimed, there was a multiplicity of reasons, across numerous agencies; banks, investors, countries and context. It appears the motivating factor was a combination of lapse governance and shear greed. Continue reading

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Israel Is Not A Jewish State.


For the last few months I have been reading with increasing sadness and trepidation the continued harassment, ethnic cleansing and murder of Moslem, Arab, Palestinian people of the Palestine.  The history of the creation of these 2 states and the military occupation and annexation of the Palestinian State, is not the focus of this blog, rather it is the claim that Israeli State, which is in my view is a vicious rogue state ,with illegal nuclear weapons, apartheid system and atrocious human rights record, continues to claim that their inhumane behaviour, is driven their GOD given right to an eternal Jewish State, in the Middle – East.  This is made worse by the support of this stance, by the fervour of US evangelists Continue reading

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Western Woman Hits Middle- East

As a women engaging with the Middle East for the first time, I had many advisors, some knowledgeable others not but all well- meaning, about what I could expect, in what was described as a “moslem, misogynistic society”, thereby stereotyping & generalising; threatening to give me negative preconceptions that could lay the foundations of conflict. Continue reading

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Give Yourself Credit When It’s Due

I was Wrong
Its only now that I beginning to realize what it is I have accomplished.  It’s my belief that many of us, especially women, don’t give ourselves credit when and where its due.  It’s probably the “blowing your own trumpet thing” I was raised not to be boastful, in the belief I think, that humility is a good thing.  Thankfully, I realized suddenly, I’ve taken the notion too far. Continue reading

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A Star is Born – (Update Put Up or Shut Up)

I took the plunge with the launch of Truly Me, a new monthly, facilitated networking and fair for women.  How did it go?  What have I learnt?  Find out at my new dedicated site for this, not- for- profit, support  group, here.  Men welcome but aimed at women and if you’re in London, be sure to join us for our next one.

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A Year Today-Time to Reflect

Its been a year since we started blogging, intermittently, monthly.  A year later, we have a few followers, some likes for all our posts except 1 (a North Korea video) and lots to share as catch up, to update on our experiences, since writing the blogs.

First , not much change in terms of our experiences with assisting Continue reading

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Put Up or Shut Up

If you read my post: What has  been your experience of networking?  You’ll have noted I made it clear my experiences, have been less than great.  Of course, this is just my personal reflection but speaking recently, it occurred to my experiences may be linked to the type of work we do at Topform, which is high value.

Anyway, I had been thinking about networking  events in general and perceived what I think to be flaws, in some of the current formats.  I had whined and moaned a bit about it, for example most cost to join and the free ones, limited in service, but then it’s free, so no complaints!   Continue reading

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Fun but no Games

Just click on the link to read this article on emotional aspects of starting and running your own business.  Part of this read includes a fun quiz, see if you have the entrepreneurial spirit.  Continue reading

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Giant Oaks from Little Acorns Grow: Social Media

We frequently advice our clients and friends, in our personal development workshops, to set small phased goals, as steps toward reaching larger ones.  We have been taking our own advice, with our social media, which we now want to promote as a “know us, trust us” project, as part of personal relationship building (PRB).  We hate the term CRM- Customer Relation Management, its sounds like manipulation…. well it is!!! Continue reading

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The Truth Will Set You Free

We have an international objective and as such the world is the living ground, we share with 7 billion others.   So, we  have vast opportunities to learn, to share ideas, culture, language and beliefs, unavailable, in times past.   However, I am somewhat dismayed that increasingly, the world’s diversity is being subject to a one culture domination.   Continue reading

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