De – Stress Your Workspace, De – stress YOU

This is the 3rd and final of the Zero Cost series, advising on doing business on a shoe string. This instalment concentrates on a health- related issue.  It’s safe to say most micro businesses will not have a budget for counselling & stress advice in the work environment, yet from

“Herzberg’s Hygiene Factors to Feng Shui the importance of the immediate surrounding, in improving mood, is well  documented”.  
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Summer Hols- Harness the Potential of Your Business


For women in business summer can be a challenging time. The oils of enterprise must keep churning but with the additional challenges, of children out of school. So here are a few tips to help, as a reminder for those who know & pointers for those that don’t.

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6 Quick Steps to Effect Personal Development.


Here, I talk through inexpensive, practical ways, to stay on- the – top of enterprise game, for the small business owner and self- employed. Many of whom, will not have the benefit of an HR department, to support and strategise their continual improvement; important to sustain all businesses and remain competitive. I explain some simple steps and methods, to prepare business aligned personal development activities. This plan can then be embedded, as part of day- to- day business operation, to forward plan and gain competitive advantage. It looks, first at the context, within which plans should be made; then the importance of personal development, before looking at how to critically assess development needs and engage in development activities.

“The starting point is having a clear vision & mission for the small business and owner, as a component, since the business & the owner are much more closely aligned, than the employee”.

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Zero Cost Social Media.  Advice from A Novice Turned Pro


Today I’m sharing my experiences, to help cash strapped, social media novices, micropreneurs & socialpreneurs, with a formula that works, at least for me!

Running a social enterprise, or as some call it a community interest company, without any major grants or funding is challenging. The decision to set – up shop, was always without the motivation to earn but rather to help, by bringing many years of international experience, in micro, small & medium enterprise, to those that could ill afford the benefits, of my consulting experience. It meant learning the ropes of social Continue reading

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Found these 2 Quotes Today

Courtesy of Freedom from Mental Slavery

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Happy Easter. Not the bunnies & eggs

I’m bucking the trend by wishing you all a Happy Easter with a picture of the significance & theme of what it’s really about;   Christ dying on the cross to save sinners & rising again from the dead on Sunday following!!


I’m not particularly religious but with all the silliness of the egg – rabbit thing, I thought  some reflection/ meditation around selfless love,  after Trump’s escalated  bombing of Afghanistan, Syria & threatening North Korea, is perhaps a good thing.  HAPPY EASTER.

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Syria Selective Amnesia

Lest we forget, #Syria’s #chemical #weapons, was dismantled & destroyed under a UN supervisedAleppo initiative, in 2014.  If we must condemn, let’s condemn the US, UK;  ‘Assad must go’ policy of supporting  ‘moderate terrorists’. Not the Syrian government ‘aka  -Assad regime’ for bombing the terrorists’ munitions depot, inside which were chemical weapons.

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Crocodile Tears of Somalia Famine

For all those that don’t know the direct cause  of the famine in Somalia, is due to #global dimming. So if you’re tempted to think that “Blacks in Africa” are backward tribes, incapable of helping themselves & are living off the kind generousity of Whites; the fact is, it’s “Whites” directly responsible deaths we’re now witnessing.  Millions have died thanks to “Whites” millions more will die thanks to “Whites”.  If this seems offensive, remember its the truth. The truth has a way of offending people, this is the uncomfortable, its painful, its the real, inconvenient truth.  Do donate, do campaign for food but really this is the crocodile tears, of the symptoms.  What is required, is action NOW on global dimming Continue reading

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The Temptation to Cheat


“Business ethics is the interdisciplinary study of ethical issues and opportunities in business”. The importance of theory and practice in business ethics”.

Although the financial crises of 2008 was blamed mainly on the Lehman Brothers bank loans, to those that could ill afford it, with hindsight it is claimed, there was a multiplicity of reasons, across numerous agencies; banks, investors, countries and context. It appears the motivating factor was a combination of lapse governance and shear greed. Continue reading

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Israel Is Not A Jewish State.


For the last few months I have been reading with increasing sadness and trepidation the continued harassment, ethnic cleansing and murder of Moslem, Arab, Palestinian people of the Palestine.  The history of the creation of these 2 states and the military occupation and annexation of the Palestinian State, is not the focus of this blog, rather it is the claim that Israeli State, which is in my view is a vicious rogue state ,with illegal nuclear weapons, apartheid system and atrocious human rights record, continues to claim that their inhumane behaviour, is driven their GOD given right to an eternal Jewish State, in the Middle – East.  This is made worse by the support of this stance, by the fervour of US evangelists Continue reading

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