Men Behaving Badly

Recently I posted on how I have destressed my work space to produce a more relaxed atmosphere with plants & other displays.  I didn’t mention that as my desk is placed against a window (winter’s coming!!) I have the view of a large tree in the middle of the road, placing the building opposite well back.  When I stand, I also have the view of the park.  In the mornings I people watch, men & women with their dogs, or children.  It was particularly delightful during summer.  Even now as we approach, or are in autumn; depending on how you see mid -September,  the evening lights of the park, against the trees, provides a nice ambiance.  The park is also well kept. I have the pleasure of seeing street sweepers, doing their work diligently, probably to keep up the nice environment (unlike other sweepers in the vicinity).

Sadly, this scenic view is marred by another view in my line of vision; men regularly stopping; morning, noon & night to urinate against the wall of the building opposite.  Shameless, disgusting behaviour that is unnecessary since there are numerous places close by, with toilet facilities they can use free.  In one instance, I had the misfortune of witnessing first one Polish man, then another urinate, in the same spot, on a bright summer afternoon.  How do I know these 2 were Polish, I could hear them speak.   Of course, I quickly avert my gaze, then a frequent reaction, is to hide behind the curtain & scream insults and /or abuse.

I have learnt first- hand, there is an art to urinating in public.  First you stop, look furtively around, walk towards the wall, almost always the same spot because this part has shrubs of either side, obscuring the view a little, from those walking by. Then unzip trousers, move as close to the wall as possible, p*ss, looking left & right as you do so.  Job done, quickly zip up trousers, look left & right again, look innocent, embarrassed smile  to oneself (sometimes), or is it smug smile, believing nobody saw, before walking or cycling away, leaving a distinctive wetness against the wall.

I enjoy a stroll in the park,so I’ve made it a point not to walk on that side of the road. I also have to make the effort, not to associate my wonderful view, with dirty, dog behaviour of p*ssing men.  Quite frankly, I’m at a loss as to why they do this.   I did manage to catch a photo of one man as he went into animal mode.  A distance shot but if you have the stomach, take a peek & remember, there are some amongst us, that wish they were born dogs or is it they were never potty trained?



About Ms. Funmi Ade. MPhil, MSc, BA (Hons), FIC, MCIPS, CPPM, D7307.

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