Israel Is Not A Jewish State.


For the last few months I have been reading with increasing sadness and trepidation the continued harassment, ethnic cleansing and murder of Moslem, Arab, Palestinian people of the Palestine.  The history of the creation of these 2 states and the military occupation and annexation of the Palestinian State, is not the focus of this blog, rather it is the claim that Israeli State, which is in my view is a vicious rogue state ,with illegal nuclear weapons, apartheid system and atrocious human rights record, continues to claim that their inhumane behaviour, is driven their GOD given right to an eternal Jewish State, in the Middle – East.  This is made worse by the support of this stance, by the fervour of US evangelists
misquoting, reinterpreting and ignoring text to the contrary and the teachings of the Bible.

Briefly according to the bible, in the New Testament, Jews are cursed and cut off from the love and acceptance of GOD due their murder of Christ.  It does not start there however, even in The Torah (Talmud, giving rights to kill, rape and engage in paedophilia,  is now the preferred text, for practising Jews) repeatedly tells of how the ill behaviour of Jews has brought a curse from GOD upon them.  I can only assume the evangelical, Pentecostal preachers whom support the Israeli regime with such passion, are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, Christ warns Christians about, before the appearance of the anti- Christ.

The promise or contract, which the Jews claim they have with GOD, was only ever conditional upon their keeping the laws of GOD.  Once broken the contract was terminated, in effect and GOD, according to Jews, would only now ever be a minuscule minority in the Middle East both by size and state.  This would remain until Christ comes in his glory from heaven (for all to see) and makes his throne in Jerusalem.  Prior to this THE ANTI – CHRIST WILL COME PRETENDING TO BE CHRIST, CLAIM THE THRONE AND RULE THE WORLD FIRST BY DECEIT AND THEN BY SHEAR UNADULTERATED, VICIOUS EVIL.  A pattern I see in Israel right now, against people – Palestinians, (remembering Jews are cut- off) whom God says he wishes to come to the knowledge of him, through the LOVE of Christ.  How murder, ethnic cleansing and torture (he whom steals, kills and destroys is the devil – this is Christ speaking in the gospel of John) is LOVE? I do not know.   Perhaps US evangelists, are more able to explain but perhaps not, since they also supported and quoted the bible to commit genocide against native Indians and justify brutal enslavement and sustained cruel, inhumane torture, of African Americans, as 3/5ths human.

Now back to the Jewish state issue.  For Israel to be a Jewish state, based on the teachings by which they claim Palestinian homelands and commit their wickedness, they need to be ruled by the off spring of David and Solomon.  The first challenge is therefore locating and identifying the bones of these 2 mythical Kings (as of yet there has been no archaeological discoveries of them) then conduct DNA to establish their progeny.  The second step would be, to by the same process, establish the progeny of Aaron the High Priest, as they both determine the King, in the line of succession and anoint them into office.  Third, the people of Israel need to be governed by the decrees of the King, partially informed by the visions (some might say hallucinations) of the High Priest and implemented according to the law, as set out in the Torah, which calls for the stoning to death of women for adultery, allows for multiple wives and the daily slaughter of lambs for blood sacrifice, to appease GOD.  I don’t see this happening, so ISRAEL IS NOT A JEWISH STATE.

To compound matters, as yet do not see anyone returning to the so called ‘eternal homeland’ able to prove they can trace their parentage to a time before Christ, when it was declared IN THE TORAH, ONLY THE OFF- SPRING OF A JEWESS MARRIED TO JEW ARE LEGITIMATELY JEWS.  ONCE THIS LINE IS BROKEN BY MARRIAGE TO A NON- JEW THE OFF – SPRING CEASE TO BE JEWS.  All this nastiness is all the more sad, when one remembers ABRAHAM, THE FATHER OF JEWS, MOSLEMS & CHRISTIANS COMES FROM AN ARAB STATE – IRAQ.

Bearing all this in mind, perhaps it’s now time for Israel to be called what is really is – AN APARTHEID, ROGUE STATE. WITH NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDAISM.










About Ms. Funmi Ade. MPhil, MSc, BA (Hons), FIC, MCIPS, CPPM, D7307.

All things enterprise, learning, development & women.
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