A Year Today-Time to Reflect

Its been a year since we started blogging, intermittently, monthly.  A year later, we have a few followers, some likes for all our posts except 1 (a North Korea video) and lots to share as catch up, to update on our experiences, since writing the blogs.

First , not much change in terms of our experiences with assistingfor free but that’s not stopped us.   Actually read a similar blog from a lady, I share a LinkedIn group with.  Are we simply living in an ungracious age? Next we still advocate the same, we’ve started Truly Me on this concept, get free what you can and give likewise.  Another memorable blog is on- going, we’ve escalated this matter and this we have to retake some of it back, overwhelming situation remains.  Shops have started the Christmas rush, its only September, so watch out, the advice hasn’t changed.

All in all though, I’ve enjoyed getting my thoughts down and sharing, real professional and business experiences.  We view this media as a means to really connect, not to write sterile articles!!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far and will continue to join us, if you follow, like us,when you’ve read and follow us, if you visit.  We’ll be blogging a bit more frequently, hence forth, its been a good year, on this front, anyway!


About Ms. Funmi Ade. MPhil, MSc, BA (Hons), FIC, MCIPS, CPPM, D7307.

All things enterprise, learning, development & women.
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