The Truth Will Set You Free

We have an international objective and as such the world is the living ground, we share with 7 billion others.   So, we  have vast opportunities to learn, to share ideas, culture, language and beliefs, unavailable, in times past.   However, I am somewhat dismayed that increasingly, the world’s diversity is being subject to a one culture domination.  Where only Western values and culture is deemed as right; superior and therefore justified, to be aggressively imposed on others.

Browsing the net, I came across an article lamenting the state of freedom of the press versus the truth, purportedly written in the 19th Century.  I say purportedly because sources need to be checked for authenticity, I did not.  However, it got me thinking about the state of the media today and our slavish reliance on what’s termed main stream media (MSM), to keep informed and educated, of the world around us.   Sad to say, I am aware of so much distortion, outright lies and propaganda (particularly when it comes to those deemed enemies of the West (Iran, China, Russia, Libya, Syria, Palestine etc) that I have resolved to seek other sources, for my views and only quarter listen to what I hear and remain aloof to what I read, via MSM.

At the risk of being political, how many know UK and USA, are arming those they label terrorists, carrying out atrocities in Syria?   Yet in the same breadth condemning them, for far less heinous crimes on their own soil.   Funds are being raised for Syrian refugees but it is those countries raising the funds that are perpetuating the chaos.   Ditto Libya, it was the terrorists aka rebels (armed by NATO) that murdered the head of state- Colonel Gaddafi – good; that murdered the American ambassador – bad.

If we want to truly live, we must set our minds free, this is the true freedom, not political agendas.  We need to be adaptable, malleable and willing to respond objectively to outside the box stimulus.   The question today more than ever, is are you?    You shall know the truth, the truth will set you free!


About Ms. Funmi Ade. MPhil, MSc, BA (Hons), FIC, MCIPS, CPPM, D7307.

All things enterprise, learning, development & women.
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