Men Behaving Badly

Recently I posted on how I have destressed my work space to produce a more relaxed atmosphere with plants & other displays.  I didn’t mention that as my desk is placed against a window (winter’s coming!!) I have the view of a large tree in the middle of the road, placing the building opposite well back.  When I stand, I also have the view of the park.  In the mornings I people watch, men & women with their dogs, or children.  It was particularly delightful during summer.  Even now as we approach, or are in autumn; depending on how you see mid -September,  the evening lights of the park, against the trees, provides a nice ambiance.  The park is also well kept. I have the pleasure of seeing street sweepers, doing their work diligently, probably to keep up the nice environment (unlike other sweepers in the vicinity).

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Floods, Life & Death

While much has been made of the floods in USA & because of this, the devastation in the Caribbean from the hurricane, I have heard little of the far greater devastation of the floods across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, where over 1, 000 have lost their lives & 8.5 million affected.  A similar devastation across 5 countries in Africa has seen about 1240 dead, including the mudslide in Sierra Leone. Is it that we’ve put a premium on life, depending on nationality, race, creed?. It would appear so.

A reminder for those (me also) lost in this world; so money centric, we’ve forgotten what life is about.  9 months gestation, mother pushes; breath in & out; eat, defecate; sleep, wake; die = maggot food.   The value there is to our lives, is in our ability to form relationships & hold values that make our consciousness meaningful, as we briefly pass through.

While some sort of skewed rationale, in some, may put a greater premium on those dead in USA, it is a false perception.  The value of each of us is 1. simply being human, 2. the intrinsic value placed on our life, by those around us, none of which has to do with financial status, nationality or creed.  So, as we remember the losses in USA & Caribbean with sadness; let’s not forget the many more mourning in Asia & Africa, along with the losses they’ve suffered.

It’s seems clear environmental factors can no longer be denied, in these extreme weather patterns, we are witnessing.  So, we are not only damaging ourselves but the earth on which we rely to survive, at all.

Hindustan Times photo, no copyrightFloods

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A Time to Share

I prefer to engage than network, I prefer to connect than talk, I prefer to share than grab. If this is you & you’re a woman in London on 27th October, join us here.  If you’re a business woman needing results, check  this out!


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Managing Responsibly, Means Being Responsible.

Putting your money where your mouth is is definitely the way I like to approach life. After taking a Managing Responsibly On- line course by Manchester University, applying the new techniques I learnt in the workplace could be considered given.  However, I’m pleased to say this course, as well as others in Sustainability, came in handy  on a personal level, when I moved into new place last year.  I noticed that although the block  of at least 50 flats of professional people was well maintained, surprisingly it had no recycling bins.   Continue reading

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The Fun of Learning

I enjoy learning new things and over the years, as well as lots of academic, professional & CPD for my career development & advantage, learnt to swim & got into yoga, as an adult.  I’ve also tried fun day events like steel band & creative arts, during the summer months.  I find it all very stimulating especially when you’re learning, professionally or not, without the pressure to succeed.

I recently took up 2 fun courses, which I have found extremely therapeutic, Indian head massage & sculptural floristry.  I must say that like the 3 dimensional art workshop I took in 2015, have enjoyed every moment, of learning for fun.  In addition, the art workshop was free, the other courses were of low cost.  Other benefits of engaging in this type of pastime, is meeting new people, sharing ideas, releasing untapped creativity (which I actually did not know I had) & new skills to benefit my health & well- being.  Continue reading

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Europe in Africa.  New Sound Bites, Old Agenda.  

Part 1

This is the 1st of a 4 – part article, on dangerous Western policy & oblivious Africa people.

This article in the Express  & this message received from a member of staff at The African Development Bank, made me realise the urgency of the danger, the African continent faces.  I have long been critic of the Western ‘aid’ agenda, save in emergency disaster situations.

First a Quick Lesson in History to Set the Context.

For me the West’s strategy for the continent is overt & unequivocal neo (new) colonialism consisting of Africans on their own continent, in their own countries, forced into a position, of a sub –  subservience to Western interests.  It’s a 4 – throng approach & it’s happening already.

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De – Stress Your Workspace, De – stress YOU

This is the 3rd and final of the Zero Cost series, advising on doing business on a shoe string. This instalment concentrates on a health- related issue.  It’s safe to say most micro businesses will not have a budget for counselling & stress advice in the work environment, yet from

“Herzberg’s Hygiene Factors to Feng Shui the importance of the immediate surrounding, in improving mood, is well  documented”.  
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Summer Hols- Harness the Potential of Your Business


For women in business summer can be a challenging time. The oils of enterprise must keep churning but with the additional challenges, of children out of school. So here are a few tips to help, as a reminder for those who know & pointers for those that don’t.

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6 Quick Steps to Effect Personal Development.


Here, I talk through inexpensive, practical ways, to stay on- the – top of enterprise game, for the small business owner and self- employed. Many of whom, will not have the benefit of an HR department, to support and strategise their continual improvement; important to sustain all businesses and remain competitive. I explain some simple steps and methods, to prepare business aligned personal development activities. This plan can then be embedded, as part of day- to- day business operation, to forward plan and gain competitive advantage. It looks, first at the context, within which plans should be made; then the importance of personal development, before looking at how to critically assess development needs and engage in development activities.

“The starting point is having a clear vision & mission for the small business and owner, as a component, since the business & the owner are much more closely aligned, than the employee”.

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Zero Cost Social Media.  Advice from A Novice Turned Pro


Today I’m sharing my experiences, to help cash strapped, social media novices, micropreneurs & socialpreneurs, with a formula that works, at least for me!

Running a social enterprise, or as some call it a community interest company, without any major grants or funding is challenging. The decision to set – up shop, was always without the motivation to earn but rather to help, by bringing many years of international experience, in micro, small & medium enterprise, to those that could ill afford the benefits, of my consulting experience. It meant learning the ropes of social Continue reading

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